Thursday, July 17, 2014

2 days in a row....woohoo

Updated Family pic this was taken at my 40th birthday party last month.

I got Matt the shirt for Christmas...he needed it lol.

Can't tell the full degree of it in this pic but Braden is towering over us now. Last measurement was 6 foot and growing!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Update...I know shocker

I got on my blog to look back because I was trying to figure out how old Braden's dog is (11 by the way). I spent hours and hours going from preschool on and on. I am so glad I kept this blog. I don't update it often (or at all) but after going back for hours and seeing it all I want to do more. I will have to uploads some pics soon.

Brittney is having a fun summer, she has become very good friends with Quinn Loftis she is a author of YA paranormal romance books, Brittney has been her assistant  as well as babysitter for her son. Lots of fun for my reading crazy girl. She will be attending some YA book cons this year with Quinn to work as her assistant. She has been sponsoring a little girl from Indonesia and she is enjoying that. She attended world changers in June putting siding and replacing windows on houses. She also got to attend church camp at the beach in Alabama. So fun full summer and it isn't over August will be taking us to Disney!

Braden will be going to his first ever Church camp next week it is in Lousiana I will be going with him as a counselor for the girls so I will be close if he needs me. He is doing well.

Lots and lots to catch up on but for tonight this will be it.

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Knocking the dust off

Dusting off the blog to start documenting our new food journey. We are going towards a more plant based nutrition. Britt is having the hardest time with it so far. Lots more work lots of chopping. We watched the documentary Forks Over Knives and then Engine 2 Diet. We are going to get to meet the guy that started the Engine 2 Diet on Tuesday while we are in Austin for Braden's doctors appointments. I hope to be able to ask him lots of questions. I will be trying to blog more I miss it and I like being able to look back. The other day I had to look back because we couldnt remember how old one of our dogs was. So yes I want to keep it up. I will be sharing my tips and recipes that I like and my recipe flops as well. Hoping this makes a big difference with my arthritis and health as well as Braden's health. Matt is making a good go of it too proud of him!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Time for Learning!

All who know me know that I love homeschooling the kids.
I love the days when we get around have a full day at home all attention
is on the schoolwork. However those days don't always happen.
There are doctors appointments, errands things that have to be done
and sometimes that means I can't sit right there and I can't
be as involved as I want to be.

THANKFULLY I have found a website to help me feel a little more accomplished and
best love it. I was hesitant at first it is a monthly payment but
once I saw how in depth the site was and how much the kids were getting involved in it I gladly pay the payment! The website is

A great thing about this site is it isn't just for little kids. Brittney practices and enhances her Algebra on the site! Help for Algebra yeah life is good!!! :)

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Random Acts of Kindness

We had so much fun doing our "Random Acts of Kindness" we will definitely do it every Christmas but also planning a Summer version...maybe even a Christmas in July kind of thing. We picked up our partners in kindness and headed off. We had made notes before hand saying: IT’S FOR YOU!
This is not a joke we placed this here for you!
We believe in giving not just receiving!
We just want to spread joy and kindness this holiday season!
Hope you enjoy this small random act of love and kindness!

My friend and I sat in the car and the kids did everything they went in and talked to who they needed to presented the items. The only time I even got out during the day was to snap a pic with the fire truck.

The kids took some pics but of course didn't get a pic of all. This is what we did:
Candy Canes on ATM's
Randomly passed out candy canes to patients at the Cancer Center
Randomly passed out candy canes in town
Paid for order behind us at McDonalds and Starbucks
Chew Toys to Humane Society
Wreaths to Nursing Home
Quarters on vending machines all over town
wreath to an elderly lady
Laundry soap and quarters at laundrymat
donuts to fire station and police station
general stuff like kids held doors open at the mall for a long time just wishing people a Merry Christmas

Dropping off dog chew toys at humane society

We bought some laundry detergent and attached a bag of quarters, note and bow and dropped off at laundrymat

The kids putting coins on vending machines. They hit the entire mall putting on soda machines and kids toy machines

Posing with fire fighters after dropping off donuts

Taking wreaths into nursing home

We placed these on several ATM's thru town

Brittney taping a candy cane onto an ATM

Saturday, November 26, 2011


My baby brother is now married...of course he is 32! Thought he would probably not marry but now he is and I have a great new sister and niece to love as well.
Here is a quick snapshot of Bride and Groom with Britt and Braden

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

This and That

Pic of the kids from Halloween. Britt is such a good big sister not a lot of 13...eek now she is 14 would dress up as a power ranger with their brother but she did.

Very busy around here. I have went back to work just 15 hours a week but amazing how much that 15 hours affected our schedule. It is 3 afternoons a week which works well so we can do our school time in the morning.

Brittney turned 14! I still can't believe it...also can't believe I didn't do a birthday post will have to go back and do a belated one. She is growing up into such a great young woman. We have had a really rough time the last few weeks with a family we have been good friends with for years and the adult stuff leaked over to the kids it has been hard watching her have to deal with it but she continues to impress me.

We are getting ready for holidays and my brothers wedding that will be happening soon! Sure to be busy busy but as long as we are all together busy can be fun!